September 21, 2011

{How to} Wear a Circle Scarf

It's scarf wearing season and time to pull out one of my favorite pieces. In case you missed this post the first time around, here it is again. This marigold color is one of my favorites this season and I'll definitely be making myself another one after giving this one away.

 Six Ways to Wear a {Mommy Chic} Circle Scarf

1. Double wrap around the neck
    Simply put it around your neck, twist, wrap again, twist up the fabric

2. Leave it long
    Easiest way to wear it, just add a little twist

3. Shrug over shoulders
    Pull the fabric over your arms for extra coverage

4. One shoulder top
    Put it on your torso like a tube top and pull on side up over your shoulder. Slip arm through.

5. Crop bolero sweater
    Hold scarf in loop behind back. Slip arms through holes, pull fabric over shoulder and drape.

6. Strapless dress
    Put scarf on and leave fabric long. Twist around chest and tie in knot and pin.

Interested in owning one for yourself? Contact me for details.


Canadianpetite said...

I remember this post! Marigold is the perfect color that I've been wanting to get.

thoughtandmusing said...

It's way too hot where I live to wear a scarf but if I move back to cold weather, I want to style mine just like yours!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Looove my awesome scarf! Your the best!

Amy said...

Yes, please! Love it!


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