September 20, 2011

Casual Tuesdays

I sprained my ankle this evening because I wore clogs to the playground. Genius, I know. I was wearing faded jeans and my Crew Cuts tee with hair in a ponytail, so cute tennies would have just added to the 10-yr old Asian boy look. Not something I was going for - at least not today. So tomorrow, I must wear my riding boots. Real riding boots, for real equestrians. I am definitely not one, but I scored a custom-made pair in just my size. They have arch support and lots of ankle support, which is what I'll need when running around all day.

Wish I had a denim shirt to pull off this easy, pulled-together look:
casual work/weekend

Black blazer 71 || Jeans 50 || Denim shirt 20 || Cross body handbag 32 ||  Gold shawl 28 ||  Riding Boots  35


Anna said...

hahahaa am feeling ya! i wore my cute thrifted gap ballet flats the other day and have RUINED my right heel - blisters galore - so now am in flip flops until this thing gets healed. Grrr Fall: jeans and a trench does NOT look good paired with havianas!!

Canadianpetite said...

Ooh! I hope you get better soon. Need to. Must. Those little ones move fast!


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