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Welcome to mommy chic.

I'm a new{ish} mom of an almost two year old little boy and two big dogs and work full-time.

In addition to blogging, I also work full-time. By day, I play a stylist telling women what to wear and how to wear it. By night, I play cook, maid, housekeeper, storyteller, baby bather, boo-boo kisser, dancey-dancer, diaper changer, mess maker.....and sometimes, I get to play dress up and enjoy a date with the Hubs.

I started blogging for my friend who wanted tips on how to stay stylish while staying within her stay-at-home-mom budget. It's now evolved into something I enjoy doing as a creative outlet in my seemingly non-existent free time. Some may say that working in fashion is a creative outlet, but I'm not designing anything, I'm just telling people what to wear. Not creative. Just bossy. I'm good at bossy.

Blogging has been a fun way to make new friends, meet people with similar interests, and be inspired by others. Hope you enjoy the blog and visit often. If you're feeling extra friendly, feel free to send a note.

Thanks for stopping by!


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