September 19, 2011

Weekend in review

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? This month is full of events and parties, week days and weekends, but we managed to sneak in a kid's first birthday party and a trip to the flea market.

The weekend in pictures:
{one} At the birthday party: the chic mommy designed each cupcake to have some kind of significance in the birthday boy's first year. Such a cute idea! I wore this dress and may have been more over-dressed for a kids' birthday party than in this outfit. What do you think?
{two} At the flea market: How creepy is this giant head? I had visions of placing it in random areas of our house to surprise the husband, but I couldn't stand it staring at me during the car ride home.
{three} Of air and of sea, little figurines I need to add to my bookcases.
{four} I really wanted this scale, but it was already sold to another genius who saw the value in owning a scale that goes up to 400 pounds (because you never know...).

Off to another busy week! Hope you have a good one!


Juggling in Heels said...

In one quick movement this mother of photo 1 proved that I am a terrible mother being that my son's birthday party is Saturday and I have done NOTHING to get ready, let alone created an assortment of cupcakes around a theme. What can I say, poor child #2. What a great idea though!

That head is amazing!

Happy Monday!

The Hidden List said...

Where was this flea market and why wasn't I there?


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