September 22, 2011

Flattering flats

Since spraining my ankles earlier this week, I've been in riding boots and flats every day. Tomorrow I have a presentation for a group of women about the latest fall trends, which would normally call for my highest of heels. Not this time. So I've put together two inspiration looks with one classic sheath dress and two different flat shoes. One for the ladies who lunch (and listen to me talk about clothes) and one for weekend brunch.

Look 1:
A fur scarf is spot-on trend this season, but still a classic with a sheath.
Simple pearl earrings and one gold watch is all you need to accessorize.
Matching shoes and handbag fit this ladylike look.
Lady Chic

Look 2:
A textured triangle scarf dresses down the sheath and gives a cozy vibe.
The belt buckle mirrors the print on the tote.
A wood bracelet and riding boots add to the natural, earthy feel of this look.
Weekend Wear

sheath dress 188 || tribal bag 25 || wood bangle 258 || leather belt 336 || woven scarf 38 || Gucci boots

And since I haven't asked in at least 5 days...could you spare a minute to vote for Mommy Chic? mwah!


1 Funky Woman said...

Ouch, sorry to hear of your sprain. I know first hand of not wearing heels because of an injury.

Last May I sprained my ankle but did it so terribly, that I rupture a tendon. Surgery and cast for 6 weeks.

It was hard to be fashionable with a cast let alone a boot.

Love both these outfits. Can't see wearing the sheath here in Iowa but love the rest of it. Love the casual one also. The bag and boots are fun!


Canadianpetite said...

Ooooh that dress! Love styling#2 esp the scarf and boots detail. For cooler weather, what style of sweater would you use?

Finley said...

@canadianpetite - you could do a poncho or capelet with the riding boots look to give that same Native American feel as the tote. Or you can wear a chunky knit cardigan and belt it. I prefer that over the open, drapey, waterfall cardigans with this style of dress. Let me know if you need more tips!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

You sprained both ankles! Ouch! Hope you are better. I'm such a flats gal nowadays that I can barely walk in heels anymore, lol :)

Katherine said...

I hope you feel better :( I love the first lady like look you chose :)

Canadianpetite said...

I happen to have found a dress in similar (if not same) color. I will keep this post in mind when styling. Thank you!


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