April 20, 2012

Product Review : Vaseline Total Moisture

Remember this post about Vaseline? (I'm still using the Lip Therapy!) They've asked me to review their new moisturizers and since I have a daily ultra-lathering routine, I was happy to try them out.

During my first pregnancy, I used every thick, anti-stretch mark moisturizer on the market plus a concentrated Vitamin E oil every night. My doctor said this really wouldn't help, but I am convinced that all my efforts resulted in zero stretch marks. Now that I'm on numero dos, I'm returning to my old routine and lathering up every night. I don't use the anti-stretch mark creams anymore (because I haven't re-stocked) but still use layers of moisturizers.

I've used all three Vaseline® Total Moisture®, Aloe Fresh, and Cocoa Radiant for a couple weeks now, but I only needed one day to know it was some good stuff. Full disclosure: I don't spend a lot on body stuff. I buy drugstore soaps, lotions and hair products, so I'm glad I could try something that I'd actually buy again. (Ok, sometimes, I buy the good stuff, but now that you can buy Frederic Fekkai at Target, it's no longer qualified as 'good stuff' in my book.)

Vaseline's new lotion is  "non-greasy, fast absorbing and offers Stratys-3TM multi-layer moisture complex, infusing moisture at the top, core, and deep down layers of skin". Translation: really soft and makes your skin feel like a baby's. It's thick without feeling heavy with a soft scent that doesn't irritate my heightened, pregnant, werewolf-like senses.

Use the moisturizer after a shower and exfoliation and your skin will seriously feel soft for days. Not that I've gone days without a shower...don't judge...you know you've all done it.

Disclosure: I was provided with Vaseline® Total Moisture® lotions and information about the products by RocketXL. All opinions are 100% my own.

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