April 7, 2012

work/life (im)balance

New job = more travel. Not that I'm complaining, because my recent trip to NYC was a blast, four hour plane ride aside. I saw old friends, ate way too much pizza, and may or may not have gone to a fantastic sample sale (pictures later!). And how could I do all this new traveling without a new work bag and iPad cover??? After much debate, I decided on this Tory Burch tote and leather iPad cover. I would have loved the iPad cover in a matching beautiful mint blue tote, but already purchased the nude color before the new Spring colors came out. (I can be so practical - re: boring - sometimes.) I also practiced extreme boring-ness when the Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary trunk show came to town a few weeks ago. Only 7 stores in the country received the trunks and I admired these little lovelies from afar.

This weekend we're getting ready for the Easter Bunny and our first Easter egg hunt! (Not counting last year, when the Bean just turned one and mommy went out on a bender the night before. I tossed plastic eggs on our giant couch and let him crawl around collecting them in his basket. I think he enjoyed the new game and more importantly, I nursed a bad hangover.)

What are you doing this weekend?

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Juggling in Heels said...

Love the new work bag and iPad cover! I am so jealous you were in New York for a bit. I am itching for a trip out there!


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