February 12, 2012


Hello luvlies,
I know I've been absent. Sick, work, holidays, sick, work, birthday, sick, tired, blah. So I've been a bit cranky and hardly interested in the season's newest fashion or what the celebs are wearing to the award shows.

When I lived in New York, they warned me that January and February would be the most depressing months because of the lack of sunshine and dirty, melting snow. Here and now, we've had more sunshine than should be allowed in the winter months and the only "snow" I've seen was at an ice skating rink in the mall <insert eye roll>. No, I'm not depressed, I'm just not interested.

So I'm thinking of joining the "365-photo-a-day" bandwagon or maybe the "Wordless Wednesday" everyday team or maybe nothing at all. Silence is golden, no?

And someday soon, when the allergies tell me Spring has arrived, I'll be back with the same sarcastic wit and Bossypants tone you love - with big news. Or no news at all. I feel like a good comeback requires news. Must get to work on that. Job openings and home rentals in Santa Monica, anyone?

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Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

i so glad i found your blog. love your witty humor . . . as a mummy of 2 little beans I am def going to follow you! love finding other mummy blogs. Stop by and say hi is you get the time

courtney - larking. said...

Miss you and your witty ways, but totally understand the need for a break. This time of year blows. Come back soon -- big news or no!

Anonymous said...

i wish you would come back. i always enjoyed your blog and now i find myself checking back here every so often in the hopes that you have found your inspiration.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Miss you! Get inspired! Drink some wine :)

Finley said...

Thanks for your sweet comments everyone! I've been a bit buried here, but miss the blogging world and hope to be back soon! xo


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