February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

Did you hear there's a game or something going on this weekend? I was watching the Puppy Bowl and grazing on guacamole and hummus for four hours.

I saw this look and decided it was the perfect thing to wear this weekend...then remembered that horizontal stripes across my midsection are a bad idea when intending to make an entire day of eating. But it's really just too easy and perfect, which means I am on the hunt for a striped dress, chambray dress, and military jacket. (Already have the Chucks.)

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PS This is my first post from my iPad and it's been a real pain the arse. Since picking up my 1700 pound laptop is too straining now that I've gotten used to this lightweight little gadget, I'm going to have to become a pro at writing in HTML code. (Never gonna happen. Need to switch blogging platforms.)

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Juggling in Heels said...

That is one of my favorite Spring posts by her. Love it. I am on the hunt for a similar dress too. happy Sunday indeed!


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