March 26, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

Hello friends!
How is everyone? What have I missed while in the social media outer world?

What have I been doing lately, you ask? Well, I started a fantastic new job which I've been pouring myself into the past few weeks. When not working or thinking about work, I'm playing with or obsessing about my child. The one that went from my crawling, babbling baby to calling us by our first names and rolling his eyes when he doesn't want to eat something. (He's two.)

We're working on a new routine - one that involves a toddler running around us in circles with knives (kidding) - so I can carve out time to bloggity-blog and catch up on all my faves. I'm coming around slowly and will figure out how to juggle it all someday. Thanks for sticking around through the silence and email/tweet/comment away! I'm back!


Juggling in Heels said...

I was SO excited to see this post! Glad to have you back!

Finley said...

Thank you!!! I really appreciate that and can't wait to catch up on what I've missed on JiH! :)

Well Mannered Mom said...

I'm so relieved you're back! I really need someone telling me how to dress (or at least trying to do so)!

Savvy in San Francisco said...

I have been the same way! With the move and our mini vacation I have been totally neglecting the blog! Bay Club PR keeps asking me when I am going to do my post! AAAAHHHH!! Good luck with finding balance and if you do, let me know how!

Finley said...

WMM - I don't know if I'll have styling tips. I hung my bossypants up for a while. ;)

Savvy - still no balance! One post so far, and nothing else planned! AHHH

Anna said...

so glad you're baaaaack, i missed you!!!

courtney - larking. said...

BEST NEWS EVER. Welcome back! :)


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