December 16, 2011

Stocking stuffers: Beautify

I know you've seen a million different gift guides by now to help you navigate the never-ending seas of gifting ideas. So this isn't a gift guide for you. It's a gift guide for you to give to me. You know, in case you're taking this last weekend before Christmas to do some shopping (ahem, Husband. Mom. Toddler child of mine.)
1. This eye liner palette 12.99 has all the colors I never knew I wanted.
2. An eye shadow palette 16.99  for the dramatic smoky eye, should I ever go out at night again.
3. I've never used concealer 22.00 before, but having a child seems to bring under eye circles (and extra pounds) that beg to be hidden.
4. I bought some foundation primer 16.00 last year and love how it keeps my make-up set all day. At least I think it does.
5. I've used this mineral foundation 26.00 for a bajillion years because I don't like the feel of heavy foundation. And because I am too apathetic don't know enough about make-up to find a new one that could work better for me.

See, nothing fancy here, people. Every day items that I need to replenish. I'm a boring reasonable gift-asker. What's wrong with wanting socks for Christmas???


courtney - larking. said...

I can just see your little sweetie toddling over to the Sephora counter to buy his mom some Smashbox primer. :)

I've been pretty bare-faced since giving birth -- mineral foundation is my go-to, though, because it feels so effortless and lightweight. I don't love mine, so thanks for the recommendation!

Grace Pamer said...

I can totally relate to you. I have the same things in mind. Your wish list is exactly what I want for Christmas too. I do not like any other things. I just like something that would pamper me and make me feel happy which is a make –up kit in my case. Let us just hope they get to read this. LOL


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