December 18, 2011

Stocking Stuffers: in the bedroom

Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping? I'm a last minute person, so I still have another 6 days to frantically rush through the mall looking for the *perfect* gift for those near and dear. (Who wouldn't want a Nettie Pot?) Since everyone else in my household (all two of them: husband and toddler) also likes the thrill of last minute gift giving, I'm making their week a little easier with a few more ideas to fill my stockings. You're welcome.

1. My old college sweats with a hole in the knee could use a replacement - pajama pants (was 14.99, now 8.90)
2. A striped pajama top (6.80) cute enough to wear out for an early morning coffee run. 
3. Over-the-knee socks (12.50) to wear with my tall boots and dresses.
4. These little Hanky Panky (29.00) treats make any ol' dress feel more special.


    Juggling in Heels said...

    How did you know I wear my pajamas in the morning to grab coffee? Love all the items!

    Sarah Ann said...

    Saw you just suggested the last Circle of Moms question I was asked to answer, so I just had to come by and check out your blog. Super cute! I'm following now!

    Stop by reverie. any time!



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