December 13, 2011

Product review: Vaseline & Q-Tips

You know what's fun interesting about blogging? Being asked to review random useful items. So when a PR team asked me to review Vaseline and Q-tips, I thought, "Sure! Why not?" I mean, I'm no beauty expert but my lips are rather chapped this winter...

I received a jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline Lip Therapy, and Q-tips Precision Tips and this is what I would do with it...

First, I would take a paper clip, a pencil eraser, some chewing gum - no, wait, that was for my MacGyver post.

You all know the many uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, right? If you're a mom, you received a tub of it in each of your baby shower gift baskets. But did you know that you you could dab a bit of Vaseline onto the base of your fingernails before putting on nail polish to keep it from getting on your skin? Before holiday parties (or a beauty pageant) rub some on your teeth to avoid having siren red lipstick ruin your bright white smile. In the summer, rub a dab down the center of your shins to give your legs a sexy shimmer. I've been using it every night to remove eye make up and avoid crows feet.

The Lip Therapy has been an old-lipstick life saver. First of all, it's in this adorable mini jar that's about the size of a minute. I use it at night and before applying lipstick. I've also mixed it with old colors to make new glosses. I'm thinking of naming my new colors things like, "You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?" or "Merry Kissmas Mister Claus". (Don't try to steal those, OPI.)

Now if you're as bad as I am about applying liquid eye liner (or any eye liner), then Q-Tips Precision Tips are for you. They have a pointy tip (like an eye liner sponge) and will wipe off any excess so you don't look like your five-yr old did your make-up. They're also great for cleaning up the nail polish you smeared on the sides of your fingernails (that is, if you didn't prep with Vaseline first). Another little make-up trick I learned, use the Q-Tip to apply a shimmer powder down the center of your nose and bronzer on either side of the bridge and along the sides to make your nose look long and thin. (Because apparently that's what noses are supposed to look like.)

So there you go. That's my first official blogger product review. What did you think?

FTC guidelines require the following product disclaimer be included in this review: “I was provided with Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline® Lip Therapy Original®, Q-tips® Precision Tips™, a $25 gift card and information about the products by RocketXL. All opinions are 100% my own.”


Anonymous said...

I LOVE vaseline. I put in on my lips every night before bed and I during the winter on the back of my hands.

I will warn you that a make-up artist told me that vaseline can make your eyes puffy, bc it moisturizes so much, so you may want to be careful about using it as eye make-up remover. I still use it in a pinch, but only for super stubborn eyeliner on those super fancy occasions. Just thought i would pass along.

Finley said...

Oooh, thanks for the tip! I thought my puffy eyes were from not getting enough sleep! (also true)

Someone else told me they put it on their feet, then put on socks in the winter to keep their feet soft!

Anna said...

i use vasaline on my blisters or on sore parts of my feet - when i still have to wear the shoes for the rest of the day. really helps!

Sherri said...

Great review and great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Finley said...

Anna-good idea! Hadn't heard of that before but as someone who consistently wears painful shoes, I'm going to try it!

Sherri-thanks! :)

Mom Fashion World said...

I like Vaseline.
I've been using their petroleum jelly
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