December 12, 2011

{DIY} faux fur scarf

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Faux fur scarf (as seen in Self Mag) 39.50 || Bracelet 29.99 || Watch orig 250, now 169.99 
Similar ring 21.82 || Ribbon - JoAnn Fabric 4.99 + use 40% coupon

I received this {faux} fur collar as a gift last year but never got a chance to wear it while it was still cold out. The ends snap together to be worn as a 'neck warmer', which makes it a little too close to my face (and my lip gloss) - so I decided to do a little DIY this weekend. I've seen fur scarves with a little ribbon to make them longer (like here and here) so a trip to the fabric store and a spool of grosgrain ribbon later, and I had a fancy new scarf. I wore it this weekend with jeans and felt instantly glam. A little over dressed for the grocery store, but still glam.

1 comment:

Anna said...

argh! you're sooo clever! i purchased a faux fur collar from H&M and I made suggestions at the adolescent sales assistants that really it should have a connecting device because it keeps falling off me - like a loop or something. they enjoyed telling me that last's years one had one but it didn't sell. so maybe next year they'll do one with your ribbon look?


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