October 18, 2011

Dogs in design

It's been a very long couple of weeks and I'm still not completely back in the social media swing. (Or any swing for that matter.) Tonight, I'm watching a PBS Nature show about dogs. I have a little obsession with those four-legged fur babies, just above my obsession with birds. (Coincidentally, last night's Nature episode was about crows.)

Aaaanyway...so I found a few dogs in home decor. And while I admire the devotion to their furry family members, I think I'll stick with my actual pups as the only 'dog decor' in our home.
(Click on the dots to see the pictures. Ignore the captions, they are not mine, just came with the slideshow.)

Lame post aside, have you entered this giveaway yet? Only three more days to win a $50 Target gift card to buy your own pair of Converse One Star shoes! You'll also win a style supply kit to customize them - or not.

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