July 8, 2011

{DIY} homemade clay bangles


You may have seen this already, but it's just far too awesome for me not to share it again with you.  These bangles are made of basic molding clay!  Yes, the kind you buy at the craft store.  I often have problems with bracelets because of my baby-wrists.  (Quite the opposite of man-hands.)  With these colorful DIYs, I can make the bangles to fit me...and my 5-year-old niece.  See full instructions here

Guess what I'm doing first thing tomorrow morning???


Anna said...

ohmygoodness, i absolutely LOVE these!!!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Did you make any yet? I'm a bangle making monster haha I have made sooo many it's ridiculous

Finley said...

@Lindsay - No! I actually did go to the craft store last weekend to buy them, but the line was longer than an amusement park! Guess everyone is staying indoors being crafty since it's too hot to be outside!

May try again this weekend. :)

Mariah said...

omgsh....thanks so much for sharing this. My wrists are also super tiny, I have trouble finding anything to fit, this is such a great and fun idea.


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