July 7, 2011

White out

I'm trying really hard not to post anything about fall fashion, even though it's all around me.  Designers and retailers are telling us it's just around the corner, but the triple digit heat for the next two months begs to differ.  To stay focused and push ahead, I'll share one of my favorite things about summer.  It may be my only favorite thing about summer.  (Hey, I don't live on the west coast to enjoy cooler temps and time outdoors like you, so I'm allowed to be negative about the garish sun that keeps us in confined, air-conditioned spaces.)

The white wardrobe.

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Juggling in Heels said...

LOVE white. It is just so clean, crisp and always look fabulous. Totally agree that it is one of the best parts of summer (even though I love the cooler temps and outdoors that I have here too :)



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