June 22, 2011

{DIY} frame wall

Here's an inexpensive way to bring a lot of look to your large plain wall.  Ballard Designs sells these cameo frames for $199 each (I don't get it). The intaglios (below) were made for less than $200 total. 

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This isn't exactly my style (I do like the dark dining room wall), but I always appreciate a look-for-less DIY.  And I think it's perfectly lovely in this home.  Check out the how-to here

PS - I read a trick for hanging pictures without having to guess where to put the nail.  I can't find the visuals anywhere, so try to follow along with my poor instructions:
  1. Tape a large section of butcher paper on the wall.  (Enough to cover the area your frames will hang.)
  2. Use a level to draw a straight line on the butcher paper. 
  3. Now line up the frames along that line and mark where to put the nail.
  4. Nail the mark you made on the paper then rip it off the wall.
This is so much easier than nailing one frame up, realizing the third one down is not aligned and then making three more holes to get it right.

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