June 24, 2011

A new take on indoor pools

It's a bajillion degrees out right now and it's just the beginning of summer.  I've missed the last couple of pool parties for various reasons, one being that I don't have a new swimsuit and my little two-piece, pre-baby bikini seems to add about 10 more pounds than I used to have.  Funny thing, right?  I certainly don't have those 10 extra pounds in normal clothes.

I finally got around to buying a new suit yesterday, now all I need is a pool.  Our backyard is big enough for two pools, but with 9 trees, it's difficult to put one in.  Not to mention the pain of keeping it clean with so many trees around. Well, this New Yorker has found a better solution: a pool in her living room! 

Notice to swing in the middle? So cool.
And a bar located conveniently within walking distance.
I also like the medieval weaponry decor.
Because nothing says "a relaxing dip in the pool" like weapons.
From the medieval era.

Don't you think the white arm chair and side table look dangerously close to the edge?
I see someone taking a big plop into the chair and then a bigger plop into the pool after
one too many ale lagers.  (That just sounded like a medieval beer to me.)

Furniture placement aside, I love this retro 70's house.  All 5 stories, 5,000 square feet, 6 bedroom, 5 baths, $10.95M of it.  See more images here.

1 comment:

The Hidden List said...

I'm just curious how many candles you would have to burn to get rid of the chlorine smell...
But I'm thinking it may be worth it to have a perma-pool in your house!


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