June 21, 2011

The Help

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Not only have I been out of blogging-commission from a bout of Father's Day food poisoning, I'm also completely lost in this book I've been meaning to read for over a year.  I love reading but this whole working/mothering/wife-ing/cooking/cleaning/not-sleeping gig doesn't leave much time for anything longer than 140 characters. (At that rate, I should have this book done by November 2012.)

If you're not familiar with the premise of this book, it's set in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1950's, with two black maids and one white Southern girl looking to write a book detailing the suffering endured by these hard working women.  The maids' portions are written in a deep, dated dialect and I tend to get lost in these chapters, talking to my child in the same accent: "Good Lawd, Child! You done made yo' self a mess!"  The only thing more amusing than my new vernacular is hearing it escape out of my Asian lips, complete with a Southern Black accent.

Anyway, this has now taken entirely too much time and my book awaits.  (So does a sink full of dirty dishes, a laundry basket full of unfolded clothes, and an Inbox full of emails.  Priorities people!  I need to know what happens to Miss Hilly!)

A better post for you tomorrow.  Maybe.  And it may or may not include the words "sho' nuff" and "I'm a gone watch the tee-vee."


Canadianpetite said...

I enjoyed this book too. Recommended it to my book club and the local library had suddenly gotten 8 on waitlist.

Natalie Lord said...

You're too funny! I know what you mean about the lack of time to read!!! I feel whatever intellect I at one point possessed has been withered away! OXO N.

The Hidden List said...

Totally one of my favorite books!!


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