May 5, 2011

What {knot} to wear

This week seems to have a multi-tasking-transformer theme to it. (See here and here.)  It must be a reflection of my current persona - one mere mortal cleverly disguised as 100 different things:  mom, wife, creative, designer, writer, maid, dishwasher, cook, dog walker, daughter, sister...exhausted...

So to conclude the week's unintentional theme, I leave you with this: 

Every purchase of a Hermès scarf includes a box of cards to show you all the fashionable ways to wear it.  If a Hermès is not currently in your budget, you can purchase the knotting cards on ebay, though it will still cost you a pretty, albeit colorful, penny.  Or you can save your pennies and just try some of the looks below.  You're welcome.

source: credit

PS.  See how I wore my scarf as a top here.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

I love this card deck....I've seen photos of it but don't have one myself :) Love your blog...followed you!


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