May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

If you are a mother reading this, you will understand when I say, "I had no idea."  I had no idea how utterly exhausting it would be and yet I still find the energy to keep going.  How some days can't be over soon enough and how I'd wish some days - most days - would never end.  How I could possibly love so much and then wake up the next day and love him even more.  How my happiness and sadness and joy and pain would be wrapped up in such a little person.  How every day is an entirely new day with new opportunities to laugh and learn.  How much more I'd love my spouse when I see him with our child.  I had no idea.

So if you are a mother reading this, I'm honored to be part of your secret society. 

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Anonymous said...

I. Love. This...


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