February 5, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

The Super Bowl is upon us and while most people look forward to watching two teams battle it out on the field, I look forward to all the game day food.  Then again, I look forward to food no matter what the occasion.  I'm thinking a big sweater, fuzzy boots and pops of color (that are in no way associated with either team playing) will be the go-to look for the day.  Do you have Super Bowl party plans?


hurricanekerrie said...

My Superbowl party plan is to watch a movie elsewhere and get away from the Superbowl madness. Haha! Well, I'll probably catch the last 2 minutes of the game.

But, oh, I love game food. Wings and chips and all that high calorie goodness. :) Have a great day!


ooh. I like the food and fashion part, whenever I have done anything "super bowl" related those are my two fave parts. I am loving your fashion inspiration board, it's absolutely fabulous. I love burnt orange and turquoise together, so pretty. Have a great Sunday. xx veronika


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