February 4, 2011

Double decker dreaming

Snow days are the best -- especially when the sun is shining bright, the temperature is above zero degrees, there is fresh snow on the ground and huge snowflakes falling from the sky.  I love the silence and stillness the snow brings and sitting in it all day makes me dream of selling everything to pack up the family and dogs to live in an Airstream and travel the continent.

But, alas, reality sets in and I'm left day dreaming.  This woman, however, is living the dream in Australia and gutting an old double-decker bus to turn into a permanent vacation home for two.  What a brilliant idea!


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

This looks amazing!! I really wanted to look into renting that airstream until I saw the $50,000 price tag!

The Hidden List said...

I love that we share a love for trailers! I think we need to have a little trailer trip int he future or head to Marfa to stay in that cool place with all of the trailers and tents! Glamping at it's best!


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