January 12, 2011

For the birds

Here's a little secret: I'm not a fan of birds.  You never know what they're thinking.  And those beaks and talons could really hurt you.

But I love me some bird decor and accessories.  Necklaces, prints, lamps, decor.  Doves, owls, falcons, penguins.  Whatever.  If it's fake, I like it.  (Side note: I do like penguins in real life.  They seem harmless and they mate for life.  Lifetime-maters can't be plotting evil, can they?)

Here are some birds that I'd add to my faux-aviary:

There's nothing sadder than owl without his graduation hat.  But this one lights up a room.
image via

A delicate bird and lariat necklace to dangle around your neck:
image via

A red bird to add some color into your living room:
image via

A mommy and baby bird, discussing how to drop a poop bomb on humans:
image via

A rather distinguished looking falcon that belongs in an antiqued 
brass frame with his own name plate (Mr. Farnesworth Helmington III)
image via

And my favorite little bird of all...
owl hat from Gap baby, baby from me


Elaine said...

Absolutely LOVE the owl lamp!!!!! Must find one!!!!!!

kitty said...

thought of you when i saw this...it would look great in your backyard.



Finley said...

Elaine - it's at West Elm!

Kitty - I already have that statue, it's in my bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Oh he is adorable!

Finley said...

House of Wentworth - Thanks! We think we'll keep him.


ooh, love this collection of birdy inspired items, they are lovely! I absolutely adore that owl lamp, so fun & whimsical. Happy Thursday, hun! xx veronika


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