January 13, 2011

Pony up

Thank you, Jill, for further driving my impatience towards my non-hormonal-super-slow-growing hair.  Last spring, I cut off eight inches after 5 months of not seeing the inside of a salon. (If you don't already know, your hair grows ridiculously fast when you're preggo.  And so do your boobs.  I say two good reasons to do it.)  It was a short, swingy bob that grazed my shoulders and in the spring, after years and years of long hair, it was a fresh new look.

Now it's the dead of winter and I have the dead of winter hair, but I really just want this:
 (If this picture is you, please explain how you did this.  
And how your hair is so smooth and color so pretty.)

 I could never get my ponytail knots to stay in place.
Must be that stick-straight Asian hair I've got. boo.

 Again, if this is you, please explain so we can all copy.
They say mimicking is the highest form of flattery.

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this week for dinner - jane maynard said...

oh my goodness, I LOVE all three of those hair styles!!! thanks for sharing! :)

Shy, Chesterfield said...

I dunno about the others but I know how to do the bottom one! Its just a french braid with the bottom all pinned under. I often start the french braid on the top right side and go to the bottom left. Then you get a sweet diagonal braid! Pin the pony tail under and it's done!


Katie said...

Love these knots! They are so chic. I wish I knew how to do that!


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