January 10, 2011

A little baby chic

Since having a baby, my shopping focus has turned from my own clothes to pint size frocks.  The great thing (or rather, the expensive thing) about kid's clothes is that you always have an excuse to shop. They can only wear their 3-6 mo. outfits for about a second, then it's time for a bigger size!

Fortunately for me, Crew Cuts starts at size 2T, so I have a little while before going completely broke.  Or so I thought....this past fall, I discovered that Zara now has clothes for the little ones.  I mean, wee little ones - like, 0-9 months. And they have an even larger selection for 3-36 months.  Bad news is that you can't order online.  Good news is that it's all on sale now!

For the itty bitties (0-9 mo):

And for the bigger bitties:

It's still winter, so I have a few more months for my bitty to wear this stuff, right?  Please, Zara, continue the baby line into spring!  At least just this year!


Anonymous said...

You are right! Die! Ugh! And P just hit the 2T size I have been dreading, a' la Crew Cuts... can you say "broke"??

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ah sometimes I just stroll through the kids section in Zara even though I have noone to shop for! :) Their stuff is amazing!!!


Finley said...

Gabby, you can shop for me! (Or rather, my little one.) I'll take one of everything please ;)


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