December 10, 2010


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Guess what I got in the mail today???  A happy little package from APART clothing!

Backstory: I entered a giveaway on The Lil Bee, one of my favorite daily reads. I never win anything, so I thought nothing of it. Then, the Bee announced that Apart is making everyone a winner and WE ALL GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! AHHHHH!!!!!

Wait - where was I? Oh yes, we all won something.

So today, I received my prize: no, not a car or a trip to Australia, but a yummy capelet cardigan in winter white. Lovely, no?

I like how they styled it here, and I imagine I will do something similar, since the skinny jean or legging is the staple of my winter wardrobe.

My other favorite looks are a camel riding coat worn over all black (leather pants? yes please), a sweater dress with military inspired buttons, a graphic print tunic, and a blazer + printed chiffon blouse and harem pants.  Check out the rest of the looks at and report back with your faves.

Thank you, Lil Bee and Apart Style, for putting a happy ending to this loooong, grumpy week!

Now, go to The Lil Bee to see her oh-so-pretty preggo pics and read her funny posts: "On My Mind this Monday Morning".  It's a fun way to start off your week!

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