December 13, 2010

Weekend brunch and what I wore

Our first Sunday brunch with friends - sans baby - and the great friends, great food and great weather made it the perfect maiden outing.  I tried to take a self-portrait, but as previously mentioned, I'm not so great with the camera.  I am, however, good with Photoshop, so here is a picture of what I wore:

Yes, that's my new APART sweater with a gray J. Crew turtleneck.  Paired back with more oldies-but-goodies from my closet: Paper, Denim and Cloth distressed jeans (I said ooooldies), a brown suede Balenciaga bag, Ralph Lauren heels, Michael Kors gold watch and Forever 21 owl necklace.  And that is the last time you will read about the labels in my closet because it's just shameful.  (But don't you love the shoes?  They're gray wool & brown wood and the buckle in the slingback has little, sparkly crystals like the embellishment across the top.  And the heel is a really manageable height, unlike the rest of my 5-inchers.)

I tried to do socks-with-heels but I just wasn't ready to pull it off today. Your thoughts?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

Elaine said...

OH, I love this!! I especially love the bag and shoes. They totally up the outfit.


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