July 1, 2012

Can you guess???

We've decided to let the little Bean choose which one he'd like - brother or sister. That's how the gender stuff works, right?

This is a long over-due (pun intended) post, but it's our first family photo in...two years, maybe? In the real photos, we all have our heads. But I'm still making the same confused/constipated/mentally-challenged face. My husband makes it too, which is why it's surprising we had such a cute, perfect kid. (Okay, okay, indulge a pregnant lady a little, will you?)

Stay tuned to find out which he chooses! And yes, we're all wearing the same outfits tomorrow to celebrate the Fourth.


Natalie said...

AHhhhhhh! Finley!! That's so exciting!! Biggest CONGRATS to you all! I'm so behind on blog reading, I'm just finding out now. I hope you've been feeling well!! You look stunning! Cute family pic! xx Nat

Elaine said...



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