October 25, 2011

World Series style

The only 2 times I've watched the World Series is 1) when the Red Sox won in 2007 and 2) when Zoey Deschanel sang the National Anthem on Sunday. (How cute is she?) Needless to say, I'm not a big fan of sports --- but I am a big fan of styling outfits. I'm also a big fan of colored jeans this fall and currently obsessing over Minnetonka boots.

This look combines both for a casual look to watch the Texas Rangers take on the St. Louis Cardinals. (I just had to Google the teams. See, I told you I don't watch sports!) Wearing the team colors is a more subtle way to show your team spirit, rather than wearing the official-World-Series-licensed-tees. (Not that you'd even consider it, I mean, as if!! <--"Clueless")
Click the product links below to view or purchase:
Crochet sweater 128  //  Skinny cords 181 //  low boots 45  //  fringe boots 68

I'm torn between the two boots: I really want the tall fringe boots, but I'm thinking the low non-fringe will go back with more things. Honestly, with those prices, I could buy both and definitely get my money's worth.

Which pair do you like?


courtney - larking. said...

Agree with you on the versatility of the low, non-fringe-y ones...but the boots are so cute with the skinny jeans. I say go for both -- moderation be damned!

(first time commenting after being a lurker for a while, btw -- great blog!)

Finley said...

Thanks Courtney! You've got a great one too!!


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