October 26, 2011

Black and white

Halloween and pumpkin-picking evoke black and white stripes from my closet. Here, a striped sweater layered over a boys' gingham shirt with white jeans and a suede ankle boot freshen up the look. Wear the shirt hem sticking out from the sweater, untucked, with sleeves rolled up for a casual look, or button up to the neck for prepster cool. 

Bonus: everything listed is under $100, half of it under $40!
Click on the links to view or purchase:
boys gingham shirt 29.95 //  stripe sweater 34.94  //  structured satchel 38.00  // ankle boot 79.90  //  glasses 58

We're all in agreement that it's ok to wear white after Labor Day, right? Don't argue with me. You can. Because I said so. (I'm practicing my mom voice.) If you don't already have white jeans, then find some great deals on designer jeans at 40-60% off regular prices: here-99.99, here-77.00, here-79.00, cropped here-77.00. Sizes are limited because they're on sale, so check each link and you may get lucky to find yours.

How are you wearing white this fall/winter?


Patricia Villamil said...

I love your style. Cute blog.

Juggling in Heels said...

I love this look and there is a strong potential I am going to go order those boots. LOVE.

Notes She Wrote said...

I've wanted white pants for SUCH a long time! and YEs, I think it's totally ok to wear white after labor day :)

Finley said...

Patricia - Thank you!

Juggling in Heels - perhaps as a temporary sub for your new Frye's? ;)

Notes She Wrote - you can find some great deals on white jeans right now!

Anna said...

love love love this outfit!! have asked for a cambridge satchel for Christmas and am so on the "white after labor day" train!!! you've inspired me to get my white jeans on!!



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