October 10, 2011

Rainy day inspiration

I love rainy days. Maybe it's because we've only experienced a handful of them in the past five months. Or maybe I just like a reason to wear trench coats. When they look as good as these, wouldn't you agree?

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Plaid trench 130.95  || Cape Trench 89.95  ||  Reptile print 118 

Look 1:
A glen plaid trench pairs perfectly with an equestrian inspired rain boot. Can you believe those boots are rain boots? So cute!

Look 2:
Cape + trench = two styles that will never go out. Wear with another classic fabric, herringbone, and you have a timeless rainy day look.

Look 3:
Make a splash on a cloudy day. A reptile print raincoat and metallic wedge rain boot guarantees that you won't blend in with the rest of the trench coat crowd.

1 comment:

The Hidden List said...

Love that classic herringbone!! Timeless!


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