October 29, 2011

Choo Choo's (and I don't mean Jimmy)

While you may have been out on a fun date night or watching the World Series on Friday night, I was turning a cardboard box into a train for the Bean. Yes, that's how exciting it was over here. And I wasn't even drinking while crafting. It's nothing too fancy, just a little paint, scissors, tape, and a paper plate (to make the steering wheel; I cut circles from the cardboard and painted black to make the train wheels). Let this be a warning to you expecting mothers out there: the most exciting thing about your Friday night will be doing something to see the smile on your child's face on Saturday morning.

And it's totally worth it.


Well Mannered Mom said...

Friday nights have never been better since the arrival of my little one. The smiles are totally worth it.

The Hidden List said...

Great outcome...unlike the Rangers...


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