October 30, 2011

{Chic Finds} colored denim

If you don't want to spend $200 on a pair of colored denim this fall, you can find a rainbow of colors in the Nordstrom BP* department for only $42! They have red, blue, teal, yellow, fuchsia, plum, black and gray. Click here to see all the colors and purchase yours, and see my looks with colored jeans here here here and here.

How are you wearing colored denim this season?

*BP is the juniors department. Waist sizes range from 23'-30". 
*Link was incorrect before and has now been corrected to reflect juniors, not girls, sizing.

1 comment:

the lil bee said...

Um, between this and the stacked bracelets, I might actually be able to do a little shopping today after the girls' checkups (flu shots = no fun = everyone could use a little present, no?)

And, ps, I fully wore winter white yesterday. Agreed!

Hope your day goes OK today, and thank you for linking to my post. Just emailed you, too :) xo


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