August 12, 2011

{How To} wear a scarf as a top

With the heat barely dropping below 105 degrees the last 40 days in a row, I've wanted to wear as little clothing as possible.  So when it was time to go to brunch with friends, I thought, "Could I just go naked?" (Answer: not again.)  Instead, I pulled out this old scarf and wore it as a top.  It's so thin and lightweight, I'm planning to wear it every weekend until the weather drops well into the double digits.


Anna said...

love this - it would have to be a darn big scarf for me though. I love bare backs - so sexy! I wish it was that hot over here in the Pacific Northwest!

Anna said...

also - what program do you use to do your awesome layout of your pics? - would love to try the same one day!!

Finley said...

Anna - I use Photoshop. Here are step-by-step tutorials on how I create the boards:

Step 1: Layers
Step 2: Text

For very basic photo layout and touch up, you can use Picasso or Picnic. I haven't tried either, but my friend used both for her blog and it's a little more user-friendly.

Anna said...

Thanks Finley! I don't have photoshop - it's not free right?

The Hidden List said...

Adorable!! Have to share with my readers! Will send link love back to you, Finley!! XO!


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