August 17, 2011

{DIY} chain and rhinestone bracelet

I love layers and layers of arm candy.  I mean, why bother getting out of bed for just one bangle?  (My life motto. You think I'm kidding.)  This easy little DIY is going to be added to my collection. 
 Source ISPY-DIY.  Via Coquette.

See full instructions here.

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Make Mommy Chic said...

HI, I really like your life motto- I feel the same, but with purses :)- I am quite jealous of your arm candy, can you believe that I don't own one watch or bracelet? I like how you paired the watch with multiple bracelets, something I would have never thought of. Looks great- I might just have to do something about my 'naked arm'. Thanks for the post :)


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