August 18, 2011

Craving clutches

I was sitting in an hour of traffic the other day and randomly thought, "I could really use a big envelope clutch to keep all my papers, rather than carrying around this unorganized-black-hole-of-a-bag." I believe when I have these random thoughts, it's the Universe trying to tell me something.  (And yes, the Universe cares as much about my accessories as I do.)  I was thinking a deep red, cognac or nude.  I actually found the perfect nude, but it's also a perfect $645 YSL.  So here are a few more accessible options.  Which one do you like?

clockwise: 1 ASOS 34.48  ||  2 ASOS 94.81   ||  3 ModCloth 37.99   ||  4 BCBG 61.20 

1 comment:

Randali said...

My favorite is the emerald, what a fun elegant color!


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