July 2, 2011

{chic finds} in the kids section

I took my own advice (because it's really that good) and picked up a couple items from my favorite children's stores.  The striped top is from Crew Cuts boys and with the additional 30% off sale prices, I paid only $6.99!  The watch is a silicone slap bracelet (remember those?) from Nordstrom girls.  At $16, you can buy several colors and layer them on like you did back in the day when you were looking at Zack Morris pictures in Teen Bop magazine. It's, like, totally.

We're off to begin our Fourth of July weekend festivities which will include eating, eating and more eating.  Cause the "honey badger's a hungry bastard."  (Watch the video.  Make sure you empty your bladder first.  It's that funny.)

1 comment:

The Hidden List said...

OMG! The honey badger is one funny SOB! What a BA!


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