July 3, 2011

A nod to patriotism?


Yesterdays outfit on today's person.  I've just realized that I'm pulling the whole "patriotic-American-look-on-foreigner" on this our nation's Independence Day.  When I bought the shirt, I was actually thinking it would be more of a Parisian look with the stripes and skinny pants.  (Ironic, oui?)  

Now, let me spell the irony out for you just so we're crystal clear:   Asian + wearing red, white, blue on Independence Day + thinking it looks Parisian = WTF.  

Side note: I also thought if I threw my white blazer over this outfit, it would look more nautical.  So now, I'm an Asian attempting a nautical look (read: fresh off the boat)???  I need to stop.

Now on to the fun stuff...we went to a couple museums, which seemed to be a popular idea as everyone was escaping the summer heat.  I was almost run over by three strollers (not including my own), knocked over by a large derriere, included in countless photos, and hugged by a child that didn't belong to me.  Despite the crowds, we had a really good time and enjoyed all of the activities for kids.  What have you been up to?


Anna said...

love your red, white & blue ensemble, very chic! I think you'd only look Parisian if you topped it off with a beret and only look american if you were eating McDonalds and only Asian if... well you fill in the gap! Hehee stereotypes. We all love them, hate them, live them or escape them!


Finley said...

Anna - this literally made me LOL that I had to share with my husband!! (Particularly the McDonald's comment.) I was the only Asian in my school growing up with Chinese/Japanese immigrant parents, so I am quite familiar with all of the stereotypes!


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