July 28, 2011

LOFT: {my} looks to love - 3

I've spent way over my gift card limit, so this is my last look from LOFT.....that is, until I actually get into the store and start shopping for reals.

I went through a phase of wearing so many pencil skirts that my friend had to stop me from buying any more.  Ever.  Then I got pregnant and my waistline didn't shrink down to pre-baby-pencil-skirt size as fast as I had wished.  (Notice I said "wish" because I didn't actually do anything about it.)  Now it's close enough on most unbloated days, so I'm back on the pencil skirt kick.  This one looks like a subtle animal print, which I would normally throw back with a white button up, but the chartreuse grosgrain trim down the back makes me want to put it back with navy.  And this navy top is a perfect change from a polished poplin.  I'm thinking it can be worn a size up to give more volume over a slim pencil skirt for work or with skinny white jeans on the weekend.

What do you think are the must-haves?  Anything from this post (or this one or this one) that I should buy right now, or wait until more fall arrives?

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