July 27, 2011

LOFT: {my} looks to love - 2

It's turning out that my winnings aren't getting me very far, especially when I want so many things!  This look is my go-to weekend look.  If you don't have a draped shirt like this one (4), then you need it.  Not only is it insanely comfortable, the draping across the front is so flattering and hides that extra order of dessert you just demolished. (what? you don't order two desserts when you go out?)  This open-toe bootie (5) is also surprising comfortable.  The heel has a chunky rubber sole, so it offers good support, and the open-toe will show off my new ready-for-fall-color pedicure.  Extra plus that it brings these shorts right into fall with this shirt (4) and a gray leather jacket.

Two looks so far - what would you choose?

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Aspiring New Moms said...

You are so right, I recently discovered draped shirts and love them. These gray skinny jeans are pretty darn perfect. I love it all!

Elysse Bonner said...

I am really liking the shoes (#5). I feel like you could wear those shoes year-round and especially in the fall.


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