July 19, 2011

Hair today, sunnies tomorrow

You can find anything you ever wanted to know on the internet.  For example, did you know that approximately 135 million pounds of hair is cut in a year?!?!  **And I bet 100 million pounds of it is from new mommies tired of messing with their luscious long tresses falling out in handfuls post-baby.

So what better use of all this hair than to make sunglasses!  That's right, recycled hair turned sunnies.  (Is it just me, or does this kindof gross you out too?  I don't even like to touch my own hair after it's no longer attached to my scalp.)  

I don't know how I found this --- actually I do: I was on some architecture or design site and somehow followed links to this one(Then I looked up other things that can be made with recycled human hair, but we won't go into that.)  How I went from architecture/design to biodegradable sunglasses, I couldn't tell you.  But I can tell you how much hair is tossed (ha!) in a year and what someone is doing about it: mixing it with a plant-based bioresin to act as a binding agent and making "hair glasses".  They are 100% biodegradable and no harmful substances are released during production. We can't say the same thing about your Stiff Stuff from the 80's.

What do you think?  Would you wear them?  Here's an idea*.......instead of saving your kids' first hair cut in the baby book....

*totally kidding there.

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