July 18, 2011

{chic finds} tween shopping

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel ridiculous in the outfit you chose to wear, so you pop into the closest store to pick up a different top/accessory/outfit? 

And then do you feel even more ridiculous when the store you pop into happens to be the same place where your 14 yr old neighbor shops?  That was my day.  But the joke's on someone else, because I walked away with two great finds for only $15!

First, I switched out the boring white button-up with this sheer chiffon blouse:
Buy it here,
I wore it back to a navy pencil skirt and cropped navy blazer.  The hem of the blouse stuck out of the bottom of the blazer so I looked a little less buttoned up. Evidently, I was feeling inspired by American Airlines flight attendants when I was contemplating my outfit this morning and pulled out a white poplin with a navy suit.  I have no reason to wear a suit, except that sometimes I want to feel like a grown up.  And then all the wind is taken out of my sails when I pop into a tween store...but comes back when I use phrases like "all the wind is taken out of my sails."

The top was originally $39.50 but it was on sale for $10.  Wait....the story gets better.  When I walked into the store, the 16 yr old asked if she could help me find something ("like, your daughter?") and then she told me if I try on any pair of jeans, I get a $10 coupon to use today.  Just for trying them on?  Sounds like a deal!  I'm getting a free blouse today!

Well, the deal is that you have to spend $25 first, which means you have to actually look around the store like a customer, rather than just quickly picking up a fun little underpinning you saw in the window.

So then I found this dress:
Buy it here
I love the colors, even though the Hubs said it looks like bad nightclub carpet from the 90's.  I'm wearing it with casual flat sandals to our next date night - even if it means I blend in with the flooring and/or upholstery.  It is $44.50, but Delia's is running a promotion this week and dresses are only $15.

So there you have it - a little summer top to wear with white or dark jeans and a Saved-By-The-Bell-nightclub dress all for $15.

PS - I did try on the jeans and they were fine.  Not what I was shopping for, but I know where to find it next time.  Should there be a next time.
PSS - The cashier offered the woman in line before me (yes, she was a woman shopping without a child) a frequent shopper discount card.  Something to do with punches or something.  She didn't offer it to me.  Is it because she doesn't think I'm going to come back and try on jeans for an extra discount again???


Juggling in Heels said...

LOL, this made me laugh out loud for a number of reasons. At least you can shop in tween shops. That dress would go up to my waist :)


Anonymous said...

Would these clothes fit a 50+ old woman too? They're cuuute!

Katherine said...

I love these purchases! And I laughed at the tween restaurants...I regularly find myself in shops where others shopping are a decade + younger than me...I just have to shrug and laugh lol

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Hahaha you are too funny! This made me laugh..You scored though! $15 is a steal!

Anna said...

hahaha ditto Juggling in Heels!!!



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