June 8, 2011

Coral craze

If black is the predominant color in my closet for fall, then coral rules the spring and summer.  What do you think about that, Ken Downing?

Exhibit A is my latest purchase.  I bought it for a wedding, but decided it wasn't dressy enough, so now it's just my new summer maxi.  You may be thinking that it looks suspiciously similar to Exhibit C, but you would think wrong.  Obviously, A is a maxi and C is shorter with kimono sleeves.  Duh.  B (not fully shown) and D are the same stretch poplin fabric, but one is sleeveless and one is a shirt-dress. Side note: I think the turquoise tassel necklace is the perfect accessory to wear back to all my coral, don't you?  It's my latest purchase and you will be seeing it often.  Or not, since I don't take daily outfit pictures.

Anyway, this is four coral dresses with two more in the laundry basket.  As with birds, I clearly tend to gravitate towards coral dresses when shopping.  In my defense, I mostly wear dresses in the summer because I just don't think the world needs to see so much of my thighs in shorts.  (Ok, not really, I just think dresses don't look as sloppy as shorts.  Unless I'm wearing this outfit, which I have been the past two weekends.)

So if we have any plans this summer, you know what I'll be wearing.


Natalie Lord said...

OMG, your new maxi is AMAZING! I love it!! And I love your weekend outfit. So simple, chic, comfortable. Perfect for weekending!! OXO N.

alissa said...

That's a great maxi! What brand is it, if I may ask?

Finley said...

Alissa - It's from Off 5th (Saks Fifth Avenue), brand is Creative Commune. Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

alissa said...

Thanks! Weird, I can't find that brand anywhere online. It's so cute, though!


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