June 2, 2011

{chic find} World Market

Last week at a girl friends' happy hour, my friend walked in wearing this fantastic tribal-print, strapless maxi dress.  (It started off with little tie straps, but one ripped off, so she snipped the others and it became a tube dress.)  I didn't take a picture, but trust me, it was très fab.  Cotton, lightweight, perfect for summer.

And the best part - under $30!  Where did she find this little bargain, you ask?  World Market.

That's right, Cost Plus World Market, that inexpensive home accessory, furniture, and international food store that offers great ethnic print blankets, rugs, and curtains, now has a little offering of clothing.  And for the same affordable price as the rest of their goods.

I knew they had a small sprinkling of accessories because the bracelets and earrings I wear all.the.time. were purchased there.  Every time I wear either set I'm asked where I found them.  Well, I'm sharing my secret with you, dear readers.  The bracelets are very similar to set from Cusp by Neiman Marcus, but obviously at a fraction of the price. (Under $10!)

Don't bother going to their website because that assortment does not do the store selection justice.  Find your local store and check out the goods.  (One store I visited had drawer pulls similar to the ones you'd find at Anthropologie, but only $3-6.)  I'm excited about this new discovery for pieces you won't find everyone wearing.  At least not yet.

P.S. I've had the bracelets and earrings almost a year and they have held up perfectly and are yet to turn my wrists or ears green.  More than I can say for some of my other trendy accessories!

P.S.S.  Interesting note I just learned today, it was named "Cost Plus World Market" because when the store first opened in 1958, hand-picked items from around the world were sold at "cost plus ten percent".  Wonder if they still are?


Amy Lambert Lee said...

You have got to be kidding me!! I need to go tomorrow!!

April said...

I love World Market! I always seem to find great scarves there! Plus, their prices are really reasonable!


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