May 31, 2011

My yard is pouting

Maybe it's the beginning of backyard bar-b-que season, or that I visited the Arboretum this weekend, but I need a total yard makeover.  Unfortunately, I have a very black thumb and everything we plant dies.  So I need an easy, low maintenance yard that can grow naturally and still look beautiful.  Kind of like my hair.

I'm in search of pictures to show our lawn guys since we have a large language barrier and pictures seem to habla espanol better than I can.  I haven't found too many yet, but here are few that caught my eye:

This little building would be perfect for a gym, yoga studio 
or cabana.  I'd be happy with a kiddie pool at this point.

This would be so nice...if we had summer weather to enjoy it.

This cute little garden reminds me of Anthropologie.  Those succulents
are pretty but grow out of control.  I had one.  It died.
Source: via Mommy Chic on Pinterest

Is anyone from HGTV reading???  Because I definitely have a Landscaper's Challenge

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