May 11, 2011

You say tomato, I say coral

I've been on the hunt for red (or coral) jeans since I spied these J Brands at Neiman Marcus.  I live in jeans and white shirts in the summer - usually of the Hanes mens v-neck 3-in-a-pack variety - so I thought a bright color on the bottom may spice things up around here.

I've been wearing my old white blazer so much that it's turning into a lovely shade of dirty-kids-hands. Care instructions say "dry clean only" but it's 100% cotton, so I don't see why it can't be tossed in the wash.  Famous last words, right?


Anonymous said...

So at work today all 4 female RPhs had on a coral top! It was pretty funny since we aren't the most stylish bunch you've ever seen. But your post made me feel like I have a tiny bit of cool in my pinky toenail...

hurricanekerrie said...

I've been on the hunt for the perfect red jeans, too (that's in my budget...) Do tell if you've them! :)

I got one recently that's not really "jeans" but more of a ponte pants but I want red jeans.

Finley said...

Kerrie - I found a couple, but my favorite are these in my latest post!

They're a really good color. F21 had a pair for $18, but the red dye looked cheap. Also saw a pair at Charlotte Rouse for $30 but the fabric was a heavier denim (vs. the ones I bought that are a lightweight cotton, but looks like jeans) and not great for summer.



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