May 17, 2011

Tuesday's repeat

This is what you throw on when Monday rolls around faster than you expected.  This is also what you throw on when you forget that you had an appointment first thing Tuesday morning and your alarm doesn't go off.  I changed the shoes and bracelets, in case a quick accessory change qualifies as a whole new look (like eye glasses and Clark Kent).  Good thing I don't see the same clients two days in a row or they would start to question my qualifications for working in fashion. 

I'm really loving this cool May weather, aren't you?  If this is what it's like on the west coast, I'll see you guys there in June.  You'll recognize me because I'll be wearing the same thing.   Honestly, if you felt the buttery leather on this cognac jacket, you wouldn't ever take it off either.  mmmmm, butter.
**My mom took these pictures, so you can see how my poor photography skills were inherited from her.


YourGayHusband said...

mmmm butter

hurricanekerrie said...

Love the blues in your top! Interesting details. I'd whip it back up as well, especially on short notice. ;)


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