May 18, 2011

Play with your food

My little Bitty is officially enrolled in school next fall. *sniff*  You may say that two days a week for a 15-month-old isn't technically "school" but they have a curriculum and lesson plans, he brings a backpack and lunch, and there's a teacher telling someone to keep his finger out of his nose.  That's pretty much what my primary education looked like.

Each week, they learn in thematic units, which means if the week is about bugs, all the week's songs, crafts, numbers. letters, and lessons will be about bugs as well.  To add to this learning experience, I thought it would only be appropriate to have his daily lunches correspond to those thematic units.

Thanks to Jill at Meet the Dubiens, I have already started cataloging ideas.  Eating veggies has never been so fun:

 all images via

Now, I just need those lesson plans in advance so I can also make sure his outfits match the week's theme.  School is going to be so much fun....for me.


Sarah said...

Can I have plates like that for dinner now? That's so fun, thanks for sharing them!

Jill said...

Thank-you so much Finley! My oldest starts junior kindergarten in the Fall and I'm so excited too!


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